A course in the remedial conservation, care and maintenance of fluid-preserved zoological collections was held at Oxford University Natural History Museum, April 2006:
In April 2006, a fluid-preservation training course was held at Oxford University Natural History Museum.   Twelve museum professionals attended, including two from Australia, and they learned about fluid preservatives, specimen and label attachment to glass, display jar sealing, specimen repiar, rehydration and many other techniques designed to give them the confidence to tackle any problems in this type of collection.   Following the sucess of the first course a second was held at Plymouth Museum in August.

Course content:

  • Talk on the biomechanics of fixation and preservation
  • Review of re-hydrating agents
  • Discussion on the latest types of jars and fluids available
  • Discussion on caring for collections and moving collections
  • Practical demonstrations on all aspects of fluid preservation and re-hydration techniques.

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