One-day training course in the remedial conservation, care and maintenance of fluid-preserved zoological collections at the Horniman Museum, London.

Training course delivered by Simon Moore.

Course content:

  • Talk on the biomechanics of fixation and preservation
  • Review of re-hydrating agents
  • Discussion on the latest types of jars and fluids available
  • Discussion on caring for collections and moving collections
  • Practical demonstrations on all aspects of fluid preservation and re-hydration techniques.

    On the left Horniman Museum staff are trying out celloidin glue (pyroxylin) technique for mending alcohol-preserved specimens. On the right is a cluster of swan mussels in a period jar (collected and preserved c.1790), now dried out and the glass is clouded - prior to successful rehydration, preservation and cleaning. Below is a novel technqiue for removing a museum jar lid attached with irreversible sealing cement, using discarded scalpel blades.

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